A Minnesota Masterpiece

Every week I go on a journey to explore an inspiring property that will enhance my knowledge base and broaden my taste learning about new locations, furnishing, decor in addition to becoming more aquatinted with the masters who bring the space to life.  The editorial this week in Architecture Digest fulfilled all the requirements highlighting a real estate masterpiece located on Lake Minnetonka in Minnesota.
The water front home was purchased by a longtime Minnesotan couple who decided to trade in city living for a lake view and stunning backdrop to admire and shelter their prized art possessions.  The 1970s dwelling was built on a magical location that lends its natural light and beauty as an excellent  amenity to showcase the outstanding collection of artistic talent that decorates the home with all its eclectic elegance.  The lake house provides a chic vibrant atmosphere and offers a refreshing change for the owners to combat the Minnesota winters and celebrate life all year-long.

Forever Chic!






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