A longstanding corporate professional working for over a decade for the notable real estate firm Douglas Elliman.  I have always strived to be a better version of myself, and in 2014 I set out to incorporate my passion for fashion and home design into my daily routine.  I began Moonlighting as a Personal Stylist and published Forever Chic by MEG to share my vision on a style of life surrounded with the exceptional things that fill your world with a joyful beauty.

Born and currently living in the New York area I have always honored the classics and am drawn to items that depict a timeless elegance.  A devoted love for family, the arts, animals, and sports, I continue to learn something new every day to continuously evolve into a better human.   A strong belief personal style is a unique trait that should remain constant in spite of changing trends to represent individuality and a confident self- worth.

Forever Chic!