Jenna Lyons

The Classic Trend-Setter: Jenna Lyons

Jenna Lyons will forever be considered an iconic style influencer in the fashion world.  The guiding light for J.Crew for over twenty-five years she has shared her expertise and creative vision in every aspect of the industry from apparel to interior design. This month the New York Times T-Magazine featured her newly renovated residence in Soho.…

Conie Vallese

Artsy Stylishness: Conie Vallese

The WSJ Magazine graced the news stand this past weekend with their monthly publication filled with inspiration and insight. The pages included a preview of anticipated fall collections modeled by the admired style influencer Conie Vallese.  Conie is a Buenos Aires born Brooklynite who I first discovered in April on Madewell’s blog.  The story  was an inspiring introduction…