Minimal Magic

Minimalism is a style of life for those who strive to achieve a less is more chic sophistication.  The minimalistic personality focuses on quality not quantity to build a world that is liberating and joyful.  In most cases, this prototype is drawn to a manner of dressing that refined and understated.  This approach to fashion…

Check Mate

Checks, Please!

With autumn around the corner, it is time to assess your closet classics and incorporate the up-and-coming trends of the season.  One of the high points ahead is the pronounced display of plaid motifs.  The new collections exhibit a polished sophistication ranging from traditional designs to the unique avant-garde renditions.  Today, The Style Server offers…


Blazer Bling

Fashion seems to be at the forefront of change with classic silhouettes transforming into expressive artistic creations.  The loyal closet essentials are leading the way taking on an avant-garde persona that enhances the garments steadfast traditional structure.  Before we leave this month behind, I want to highlight a piece in the May issue of Vogue with model Leelee…