An Enchanting Evergreen Glow

December is the calendar month to celebrate, sparkle and radiate the spirit and joy of the season and I could not think of a more appropriate mood enhancer then the magical work of Ken Fulk and his personal and professional journey with his long-standing clients and friends to create a snow-filled holiday soirée.  The residence showcased in Elle Decor is the Halfway House and one of the families three dwellings located at the Yellowstone Club in the rugged state of Montana.

The breathtaking ski retreat welcomes party guests all year-long with a chic cozy winter aura in addition to Ken and his artistry who bring to life a Ralph Lauren inspired ski experience that includes sophisticated rustic furniture selections combined with the warmth of plush trimmings and unique and exclusive decor concepts you will find throughout the space.  Decking the halls with fresh evergreen foliage is the finishing touch that truly captures the Christmas essence and glow to match the rural majestic surroundings to complete an enchanting story with a happy beginning, middle and end.

Forever Chic!






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