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The Forever Chic Wardrobe Update – Ulla Johnson

The Forever Chic Wardrobe Update is all about the designer Ulla Johnson.   Born and raised in New York she has developed an overall luxury brand with a loyal following of customers who appreciate exclusive details, one of a kind prints , natural fabrics and standout finishes such as exquisite embroidery and gorgeous lace.  The unique brand came to be in 2002 and can be found at Ulla Johnson and Barneys.  In addition, The Forever Chic Boutique offers some of the special selections from the Spring/Summer 2016 collection of bohemian inspired silhouettes and a wise splurge as they are easy to wear for both formal or casual occasions with the appropriate accessories when a chic sophisticated style statement is required.

Forever Chic!

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Odessa Dress
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Filipa Top
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Bazaar Dress

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