The J Crew Spring Soiree

In honor of daylight savings time and the anticipation of longer days filled with the warmth of more sunshine, the Wardrobe Update is focused on a few of my favorites from the March J Crew Style Guide.  The selections are timeless yet perky pieces to blend into your closet to mix, match and layer as we move from winter to spring and on into the heat of the summer.  The weekend’s frigid temperatures are the perfect excuse to snuggle up and lust after the glow of the new spring styles and pleasant sun-filled seasons on their way.

Forever Chic!

J Crew_8
Side Tie Tee
J Crew
Panama Hat
J Crew_1
Double Breasted Blazer /Paley Pant
J Crew
Audrey Flats
J Crew_4
The Cotton Peacoat
J Crew_3
The Ankle Wrap
J Crew_7
Eyelet Ruffle Skirt /Eyelet Top
J Crew_9
The Hobo Bag
J Crew_2
Denim JacketMartie Pant
J Crew_5
The Charlie Slide
J Crew_6
The Bow Sweater

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