#RLIconic Style

I have been so inspired by the #RLICONICSTYLE campaign photographed by Steven Meisel to honor the great work and prevailing taste of Ralph Lauren.  The message behind the magical images of the recognizable women is to highlight Ralph’s sensible style he has graced us with since 1967.  The word sensible could not be more fitting as his designs have never strayed from the All-American classic appearance he mixes with a cool downtown vibe for the ages.

The titled Iconic selections are everlasting wardrobe investments that can be continuously reinvented for a fresh modern appeal throughout the decades.  The Boutique, designed for today’s Wardrobe Update, showcases several of the pieces accompanied by designs from many of the labels that share the common aesthetic flair.  A deserving tribute to a man who has earned iconic status through abiding appreciation of the style of life he represents with effortless elegance and admirable confidence.

Forever Chic!





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