The Enchanting Caroline Sieber

I am sure by now you have seen the beautiful editorial in the December issue of Vogue written by Hamish Bowles showcasing the home of Caroline Sieber and her newlywed husband Fritz von Westenholz.  The vibrant London residence was the topic of conversation on most of my best-loved blogs along with brightening up numerous Instagram and Pinterest accounts to share their enchanting story.

Caroline, a notable stylist with a client book that includes the magical Emma Watson the up and coming style icon who is flawlessly making the transition from adolescence into adulthood with youthful elegance.  In the same respect, the modern European power couple has done much of the same designing a home by interconnecting traditional beliefs with their contemporary vision of standout wall coverings, surfaces, and lively color to create the perfect backdrop for their collection of exquisite antiques.  I have selected snippets of the chic interiors to highlight some of the exclusive selections that Caroline has chosen to design her bright future.

Forever Chic!






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