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A Creative Mind


A Fashion Visionaire

Acne Studios is the Stockholm fashion house and brainchild of Jonny Johansson. What most people do not know is ACNE is an acronym for Ambition to Create Noval Expression.  An inspiring connotation and a reminder of the power of a creative mindset.

Loyal Luxury

Acne has always been a dedicated member of the loyal luxury club with sophisticated simplicity and state-of-the-art timelessness. The fall debut was a shared stage for the boys and girls. Perhaps a reflection of the current and changing times. Divided by a thin wall the designs were a contemporary vision of classic glamour.

The Wardrobe Update

The Wardrobe Update highlights the current women’s group. The set includes cutting-edge essentials along with the introduction of velvet tie-dye, multi-layer dressing, and swanky suiting. Acne is known for honoring the arts. This season Checks & Dogs is a capsule collection of prints from Lydia Blakeley. Lastly, and always in high demand are the unisex scarves and beanies to complete every look.

The Style Server

The Wardrobe Update post is always accompanied by The Style Server. A virtual store to shop safely from the clicks and mortar all about town.

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