The Timeless Fashion Internet Start-Up

If you reside on the east coast you most likely enjoyed a cozy snowy weekend with treasured time to catch up on tasks you have been procrastinating.  I personally spent Saturday unpacking combined with creative closet planning and evening entertainment that consisted of a glass of Cabernet and the movie The Intern.

The Nancy Meyers film is the tale of the fashion start-up brought to existence by Jules the classic chic internet entrepreneur  portrayed by Anne Hathaway and Ben the retired  70-year-old intern performed by Robert DeNiro who is resolute to share his “music” with the ever-changing world.  The movie’s main attraction is the magical connection that blossoms between Jules and Ben as they learn they share a commonality and respect for a time-honored lifestyle and how they attempt to incorporate these principles into the modern world.

Enjoy the chic polished fashion worn by Anne Hathaway who brings to life the classic elegance of her character-driven women bonded to her internet start-up ingrained with timeless values.

Forever Chic!

AH - The Intern - 6

AH - The Intern - 4

AH - The Intern - 12

AH - The Intern - 15


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