Avec Amour

Did you ever admire someone from afar and feel you should be friends.  This is the cut reaction I receive as I learn more and more about Aerin Lauder.  The connection must stem from her New York heritage, sense of style, and abiding respect for the family.  This month Elle Decor has highlighted her families…


A Millerton Miracle

The spirit of summer encourages us all to rewind and recharge. Everyone is in vacation mode celebrating the season taking fashionable sun-filled adventures.  As most head for beachfront destinations, traveling upstate has become a popular contender. This was the calling for Mieke Ten Have. Meike is a Stylist an editorial correspondent for several well-known publications.…


Unexpected Elegance

Sun season is off and running and although everyone is heading for summertime destinations I want to share a spirited city dwelling. The apartment was highlighted in the May issue of AD and is the home of Patricia Herrera Lansing.  If you are not familiar she is the daughter of the iconic fashion designer Carolina…