How They Decorated by P. Gaye Tapp

Last week I was excited to return from travels to find my anticipated copy of How they Decorated, Inspiration from the Great Women of the Twentieth Century.  The newly released publication from P. Gaye Tapp who is a notable Interior Designer, Author, and Blogger for the site Little Augury is a welcome addition to my library of inspiration.

The coffee table collectible shares the intimate journeys of sixteen fashion trendsetters such as Babe Paley, Fleur Cowles, Gabrielle van Zuylen and Georgia Okeefe.  Gaye has been divided the content into four style categories to fully showcase these ladies and their unprecedented individuality and good taste that all share an innate intuition and ability to express beauty.  Gaye’s efforts to share the insight and private work of these iconic women are a wealth of information that will forever offer an everlasting influence and admirable elegance to the design world.

Forever Chic!

Fleur Cowles
Gabrielle van Zuylen
Georgia Okeeffe



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