Parisian Sparkle – Princess Style

Parisian Sparkle – Princess Style

While exploring Elle Décor I came across a gorgeous Parisian apartment designed for a Middle Eastern princess.  I feel in love with the beautiful work of art brought to life by Jean-Louis Deniot a notable architecture and designer with the reputation and ability to create interiors that are truly magical.

The fashionable and first-time residence for the princess exhibits a youthful glow with the application of unique and modern lighting fixtures, artwork, and furniture.  In addition, Jean-Louis elects the perfect selection of wallpapers, flooring and rugs to encompass a glamorous well-mannered appeal to enhance the traditional timeless foundation of the space.  The full editorial can be read on Elle Decor for the aspiring princess or prince with a vision to create a stylish home that is contemporary and elegant.

Forever Chic!  

A princess in paris - lR

A princess in Paris - Library

A princess in Paris- light fixture - mathieu lustrerie

A princess in paris - DR

A princess in Paris-master-bath

a princess in paris - BR

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