The Wardrobe Room Refresh

The Wardrobe Room Refresh

To stay on the theme Be the Best Version of You I want to share a few positive effects of making time for a closet cleanse and wardrobe refresh.  The start of the new year is a great time to apply the Forever Chic philosophy of less is more and quality over quantity in order to build a capsule wardrobe of timeless essentials that will mix with the periodic smart fashion purchase to keep you up-to-date and current from season to season.

Once you evaluate and establish the garment staples you want keep, add, and donate (more to come on the subject later this week).  I suggest designing a wardrobe room to showcase and store all the beautiful pieces.  The dwelling size is not important as the same principles apply to the luxury walk-in closet or a garment rack and excellent space-saver for a chic studio apartment.  The goal is to create an admirable setting to display the clothing, shoes, accessories and jewels that radiate your individual personal style and beauty.

The simple effort of coordinated apparel, decorative or unchanging hangers, bins and dividers is an easy, inexpensive fix that is alluring and appealing to the eye.   Creating a space that shares some of your individuality with exclusive decor, paint, wall paper and lighting will create an atmosphere that is attractive for dressing and impressing.   Enjoy the ideas and inspiration from Pinterest to begin to refresh your wardrobe room and add a little sparkle to your style inside and out.

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