Fashion Wardrobe Update

The Bright Side of Quarantining


They say all darkness has its bright side and quarantining is no exception. During the challenging times is when exceptional humans show up. The fitness industry has been overflowing with this type of showmanship.  It is Torch’d the 11 am bootie call from Isaac Calpita that stole my heart.  The live class requires no reimbursement just the generosity to pay it forward to No Kid Hungry.   So far, The community has raised almost $500,000.00 and bonded thousands of grateful groupies. 

It is only proper for a do-gooder to attract like-minded personalities. Isaac begins every session with his roll call to welcome guests and VIPs. The first shout-out always goes to Zara Terez Tisch. The founder of Terez and creative influence behind Isaac’s wardrobe. Zara is a multi-tasker who gives light and love to all she touches. Focused on promoting the good leading a progressive company with a timeless soul. Following her heart to succeed with her master plan to inspire joy and positivity from the inside-out.

Her collections are ageless and offer a colorful perspective to your everyday routine.  The Style Server highlights selections from Saks with an extra bit of flair from The Advance.  The result is playful glamour to be the best you from morning till night.  A fashion moment I call sophisticated sunshine and the new chic.

Forever Chic!


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