Cutting-Edge Elegance

Cutting-Edge Elegance

In August of 2017, I decided to take my Personal Shopping career to the next level by joining Saks Fifth Avenue.  I was excited to become a member of the historic longstanding establishment I have always admired.  The store has been a well-known luxury fashion house since its inception in 1924.  This past April the landmarked edifice boarded up the main level to begin a legendary transformation to move into the future.

Fast forward to Monday, February 4th, 2019 as we unveiled Iconic the one-of-a-kind handbag destination. Tears filled my eyes with joy and gratitude to be a part of such an incredible moment in New York retail history.  The main level is now a work of modern art from OMA and designer Rem Koolhaas.  The magical escalator is a vision of cutting-edge elegance. A rainbow radiance fills the first and second floors with a youthful glow to inspire the store’s cultured clientele.

Koolhaas like Saks is experienced at his trade adding meaning and authenticity to this paradigm shift. The work of a mastermind alliance that proves life gets better and newer with age. The Style Server celebrates Saks and the handbags that are decorating the Iconic. A proud moment to represent this forward-thinking vision brought to life by gifted and ageless minds.. 

Forever Chic!

Cutting-Edge Elegance

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