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The Grateful Sounds of Stinson Beach

Exploring real estate is one of my passions and nothing is more exciting than a chance to take a home tour into the world of an admirable personality.  For those that follow Forever Chic By Meg you know I enjoy music, in particular, the 1970s rock music like The Grateful Dead and now their newly formed Dead & Company a collaboration that invited the talented John Mayer to share the stage and bring the bands magic back into the limelight.  This week I received an email highlighting the Stinson Beach House of the late Jerry Garcia and his wife Carolyn better known to some as the notable Mountain Girl to offer a great opportunity to experience a piece of their intimate journey.
The scenic estate with expansive water views has changed hands several times since their ownership although the chic hippie vibe can be found throughout the home with splashes of the hues and decor styles prominent of iconic musicians decade.  The indoor-outdoor open floor plan is an appealing attribute for the free thinking persona who enjoys nature and serenity represented by the surrounding body of water for a relaxed way of life that can be found in this bohemian-spirited private paradise.  The retreat that continues to shelter the original handcrafted door that led the way to Jerry’s office a room where I am sure the walls still sing a tune that will soothe your soul.

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