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Unconditional Love

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Butters – Katy Perry
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Meredith – Taylor Swift
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Pepper & Cinnamon – Emmy Rossum
Pets -afc783899cd877b2eecfe2f15a20b8f9
Sirius Black – Ariana Grande
Pets -b32dce65cbc8c84ed0ff1a46a29c954c
Cecil – Cara Delevingne
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Bo & Sunny – Michele Obama

 Life is not complete and definitely more worthwhile when you share your love unconditionally with a four-legged sidekick.  Dog, cat, rabbit or whatever you fancy the world is a much happier place with their friendship.

 I came across an enjoyable editorial in Vogue Italia that shows off the treasured companions of some of the notable personalities we all admire.  The pictures will leave you with a smile like the bond of unconditional love you form with a furry friend that will fill your heart for eternity.

Forever Chic!

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