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As the saying goes, “Good things happen in three’s.”   This is definitely true for Noor Fares. Noor is the daughter of a Lebanese billionaire, renowned jewelry designer, and a new newlywed.  Married in France earlier this summer wearing a gorgeous Giambattista Valli gown. The event was highly promoted through technology to share her happiness and exquisite good taste.

As with all good fortune, it is contagious. The WSJ Magazine caught-on and featured Noor and her New York City apartment in the recent issue. The midtown luxury tower is highly praised for the skyline views of the Empire State Building and beyond.  The unit was designed by the New York architect Rafael de Cardenas described as a jewel box – fitting for a woman of the same profession.   

Noor Fares chic style is showcased throughout the floor plan with statement furnishings and outstanding works of art that glow from the enormous amount of natural light.  The finishing touch is Noor’s bright smile that represents her beautiful life.   

Forever Chic!


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