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An Enchanting Hideaway

The recent months have encouraged us to create an enchanting hideaway to call our happy place.   I remember receiving the April issue of Architectural Digest and feeling drawn to the cozy charisma of Dakota Johnson’s LA home.  The indoor-outdoor style of life was a perfect setup to ride this rollercoaster in peace. 

As I continued to read the editorial, I discover Johnson hired her friends Louisa and Emily to decorate this charming habitat. This girl gang is the mastermind alliance behind Pierce & Ward. A noted design firm with an established roster of famous clients who appreciate glamour and comfort.  Once again, they found the magical spirit behind Dakota’s down to earth digs.

The mid-century residence is a mix of Mad Man mod and the heart of a hippie.  A perfect match for a flourishing mind and intelligent old soul.  Dakota’s passion for music is everywhere.  The home includes an expansive vinyl collection, several guitars, a vintage piano. The oriental rugs also represent a bit of rock-n-roll funkiness. Appropriate for the girlfriend of Chris Martin and the Mom of a pup named Zeppelin. Her office is filled with a library of books, photography, and artwork. These prized possessions are a testament to her love and appreciation of her journey.

The best amenity of the property is the inside/outside style of living. The naturally chic landscaping allows you to feel like you are on a secluded island. This serene sophistication lets your imagination run wild. A foolproof setting for cherished time alone or shared with welcomed guests.

Forever Chic!


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