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The Art of Simplicity


Staying home has turned into an excellent opportunity to catch up on the things that get lost in the everyday hustle. Like most, I have been living in a world based on simplicity.  Fortunately, I believe and practice a less is more, and quality outweighs quantity lifestyle.  A mindset that has served me well during this time.

As I have made an effort to reorganize and reaccess my world, Forever Chic by Meg is no exception.  I decided to make more of an effort to share the segments that have gotten paused along the way. The Wardrobe Update is first on the list.  Now with three years on the front lines of the fashion, I have firsthand information to offer.  To reinstate the piece I attached The Wardrobe Room Refresh and The Capsule Wardrobe from 2017. Both outline the importance of learning to simplify creating a style of life composed of more joy and less stress.

As a refresher, I want to review the three steps used as a guide to streamline the process. To start you need to design a foundation of essentials. This is a group of timeless goods that will make life easy to maneuver. The second step involves physical work.  This is the time you use your shortlist to decide whether to keep, toss, or donate. The outcome should produce a slimmed-down collection of things that make you confident. The last and most important phase is the assessment. If needed you should call in someone who cares to give you an objective opinion based on the functionality, fit and feel.

Learning to live simply is an art. The photos of Jane Birkin offer inspiration to get you started. Her effortless elegance makes it look easy. A priceless gift that will keep you happy and always in vogue.

Forever Chic!

The Suit
The Sweater
The Blazer
The Perfect Tee

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