An Affair to Remember

An Affair to Remember Spectacular Soiree Home Forever Chic by Meg

Holidays are the perfect opportunity to throw a spectacular soiree and show off your style and good taste.  As for any successful outcome, a well-done affair requires a well-thought-out plan of execution.  A pleasing menu, soothing song, a trendy table, and an experienced bartender are the basic components to create an unforgettable gathering. To start,…

Sparkle and Shine

Sparkle and Shine New Years Eve Wardrobe Update Forever Chic by Meg

Tis the moment to share your sparkle wherever you are celebrating your holiday.  To honor New Years Eve, festivals, and the fashion of the season, The Style Server is ready for last-minute inspiration.  The shop is designed for merrymaking that will linger-on leaving a memorable style statement that shines through from the inside-out. Forever Chic!

The Velvet Vibe


The month of November is the official start of the holiday season.  With the current trend and bohemian vibe, the collection of soft and luscious velvet garments is sure to be a party favorite. The Style Server was designed to showcase some of the contemporary styles from the prominent labels and their vision for the…