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The Evolution of Cindy Crawford


Over the last couple of days, I have been forced to evaluate my age and the imprint it can leave on society. I created Forever Chic by Meg on the premise that beauty and style are timeless if you travel through decades with a healthy state of mind.  With the advancements in science , health care and a stronger focus on exercise and food choices, longevity is inevitable if you are blessed imposing the responsibility on us to grow up gracefully pursuing an active and mindful lifestyle.

I caught the 1990’s movie Fair Game this weekend starring Cindy Crawford and was astonished at how the 49-year-old  looks as if no time has lapsed.  I attribute her ageless journey to staying current, active and true to her timeless style and beauty.  The noteworthy supermodel is always involved with new projects including her skincare line Meaningful Beauty that I can personally recommend as a devoted client.  The line has incredible serums and beauty basics that truly work wonders at affordable price points.  In addition, it was recently published she is developing the TV show Icon a fictional series about model drama focused on the Me Generation.

The photos from New York Magazine reveal the evolution of Cindy over the decades and confirm age is a state of mind if you remain health conscious and current a lesson we can all use to strive to be forever young.

Forever Chic!


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