A Whimsical West Village Wonderland

This week the interior inspiration segment is heading back to East Coast as the last two expeditions highlighted special homes in the Golden State of California.  I selected a magical apartment in New York City I came across on Elle Decor that belongs to Erin Beatty and her husband Lex Sidon.  Erin’s name might sound familiar as she was one-half of the Suno fashion label that just ended its runway journey and Lex is a writer and film producer.

The couple recently renovated their downtown residence soliciting the assistance of the newly formed design duo of  Work & Sea.  The talented team Lara Apponyi and Michael Woodcock infused new life into the quarters with a joint effort of smart decorating decisions and the exquisite artistry created for the custom wall coverings that project a mischievous view of the world’s natural beauty.  The handcrafted wallpaper was the alluring component that attracted me to the storybook space with each room sharing its own individual design narrative based on a floral theme.

The tale begins to take form in the living room with the choice of a vivid flowery rug from Double Knot as the master chamber offers a softer atmosphere stemming from the soothing blooms and greenery painted behind the bed to enhance a tranquil sleeping experience.  The powder room livens things up with make-believe tropical scenery to support the selection of a playful flower pattern and youthful orange-red glow found in the dining den to promote a chic and down to earth style of entertaining to welcome a diverse group of family members and guests.  The enchanting charm continues throughout the dwelling with extraordinary lighting structures, a mix of classic and contemporary furnishes, in addition, to a tasteful injections of cheerful color that are all conjoined by a spiral stair lined with a bold stripe carpet runner that complements the surrounding buds.  All in all Work & Sea created an elegant whimsical wonderland perfect for this modern Manhattan family ready to start a new chapter in the book of life.

Forever Chic!





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