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Natures Dame

Natures Dame Gabriela Hearst The Update Forever Chic by Meg

The Visionaire

To start the year, the designer that comes to mind is Natures Dame and the vogue  “It Girl” Gabriella Hearst.  A visionarie committed to a business plan that advocates for sustainability to pave the way toward a better world. 

In a year that has challenged most, she has been blessed to be recognized by the CFDA as the Women’s Designer of 2020. Additionally, she was appointed the Creative Director of the fashion house Chloe.  Two well-deserved assignments for a person who is confident enough to admit she has so much to learn.  

The Update

Gabriela fits right in with the loyal luxury team. Her designs are constructed with a consciousness to live up to her best green standards. All the categories have substance and sophistication to offer a timeless modern elegance.

The Update showcases the current Resort Collection. The group was contrived during the lock-down making good use of unexpected free-time and existing dead stock. A forward-thinking measure to take on an unpredicted setback. The assortment includes recognizable silhouettes including a burst of tie-dye to share the brand’s optimism.

The Style Server

This is the second tribute for Gabriela aka Natures Dame.  In 2017, to commemorate Earth Day, we honored her work and early recognition from the CFDA.  This is not a coincidence, but consistency. Leadership that promotes education, action, and growth one small step at a time.

Forever Chic!

Natures Dame Gabriela Hearst The Update Forever Chic by Meg

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