Quality Vs. Quantity

Quality Vs. Quantity

Living in Manhattan I know firsthand how precious space is and how important it is to use it wisely by surrounding yourself with belongings that fill your life with joy.  I moved within the last 6 months and intentionally downsized to simplify and organize myself so I can concentrate on the things that are the most important to develope a style of life based on quality vs. quantity.

This week on the cyber Architectural Digest  published an editorial highlighting the new home of Elizabeth Brown the CEO of the innovative online furniture consignment service Viyet.   A fan of her business concept I found her home to be just as intriguing and was truly inspired by her designer Margaret Ash.  Although, the project was an upgrade from a small studio they were selective in their decisions and brought to life a stunning and sophisticated space composed of exquisite artwork, one of a kind decor with a noteworthy contemporary flare reinforcing my beliefs to focus on quality vs. quantity.

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