Tiffany’s Modern Elegance


Sunday most of us were tuned into the Super Bowl. The night included the Patriot’s (come from behind) victory and stunning halftime performance from Lady Gaga. Performances that Defied all odds with fearless attitudes and the willingness to embrace change.

The night seemed to be full of Gaga surprises, with the debut of the brand-new Tiffany ad. Gaga starred as the brand ambassador for a group of contemporary designs. The long-established retailer decorating devoted customers for over 179 years took a chance with the current cultural icon and her unique elegance. An adventurous move for the time-honored company and master of modern luxury.

The Staten Island girl never loses sight of her hometown upbringing as she applies her celebrity status to fight for the world, to be kinder and better humans in the pursuit of our dreams. A true success at the age of 30, who continues to strive to reinvent herself as a person and artist. One night, three victories, all connected to the timeless turquoise box.

Forever Chic!


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