Professional Partnerships

Let’s Get Acquainted

The Style Server | Forever Chic by MEG, Brand, and Private Client Services includes a complimentary email and Zoom consultation. A question and answer conversation to listen, learn, and develop a respected relationship. The first steps to creating a professional partnership to achieve your objectives and goals.


The Style Server | Forever Chic by Meg is a virtual platform to share my influence and establish a customer service bond as The Style Server of Timeless Elegance.  The destination offers an online store environment inspired by my work in brand management and personal shopping.  The mission is to build a trusted connection for the designers and consumers who appreciate a modern luxury setting.

The Style Servers are the cyberstores used to deliver products and services. The site has five Servers, the main Shop, The Update, The Details, HomeGoods, and Sale Server, All the merchandise is shoppable through the safety of a click leading directly to the retail establishment.

Brand Partner

-Design a professional partnership based on the brand’s mission, vision, and goals.
-Represent the brand digitally, in-store, or a combination.
-Work with your in-house staff to conceptualize strategies.
-Educate customers, retailers, and industry influencers.
-Create content to drive awareness and attract new customers.
-Track and report customer preferences, metrics, and campaigns.
-Represent the brand at product launches, events, and trade shows.
-Participate in and conduct training and workshops.
-Maintain a positive image of the brand at all times.

Personal Shopping and Styling

The Edit – Virtually and/or in-person we will evaluate your current closet, on what works, to toss, and will remain as forever loves. The goal is to build a wardrobe foundation for every season. The concept will teach you to invest wisely and simplify dressing for a style that is modern, elegant, and timeless.

Personal Style Server – A look-book created for your eyes only. The Server is sent directly to your inbox or phone based on a personal request.

Shop Your Closet – I will work with an existing wardrobe to create a fresh perspective and outfit ideas. The result will give new life to your closet and discover the items needed to bring you up-to-date.

Travel Advisor – Need assistance for your next adventure? Together we will organize a business trip or holiday creating a packing list and ensembles based on your current wardrobe and travel itinerary.

The Main Event – A wedding, party, hot date, or job interview I will bring your vision to life. Whether attending or Zooming I will make sure you shine with beauty and confidence.  

The Gift Giver –  I will shop for you and/or your family and friends.  Virtually or in-person I can offer creative and tasteful ideas to make certain the recipient is happy and grateful.

House Hunting

The ultimate expression of well-lived life begins with the selection of a home. I have invested many years in real estate representing investors on a global basis.  Highly educated and well-respected within the industry, I continue to stay licensed and informed to be a trusted referral to help transform your vision into a reality.

Email me at [email protected] for pricing information.

February 4, 2015