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The Inside Mindset For A Beautiful Life


Today’s style perk-up offers ideas on maintaining a mindful life that will allow you to glow from the  inside–out.  I thought I would share an inspiring video from The Edit on Net-A-Porter filled with simple practices to live a beautiful life.  The lifestyle suggestions should be incorporated in accordance with your own personal needs and health history before starting a new product or form of exercise.

The first suggestion is to develop a beauty routine that works and you will stick to it. The Edits Beauty Director Newby Hands emphasizes the importance of using a great serum and I happen to agree and use of two individual products that are perfect for me.  I apply one in the morning for the perfect daytime glow and a second at night to restore and rejuvenate my skin for the next day.

The next ritual is the power of exercise. I personally like to mix it up rotating between cardio, pilates, and yoga.  This can be a winning combination  that will elevate your spirits, keep your brain healthy and stress levels low.  Whether you go for a daily form of exercise to keep you active is the main ingredient for strong body and mind with a lifetime of longevity.

The third practice is to maintain a healthy diet using the 80/20 rule a great way to monitor a number of nutrients to give your body to perform at its best.  Eating a healthy amount of fruits, vegetables, and grains will allow you to maintain a comfortable weight level and enable your skin to radiate its natural beauty.

These best practices are small habits to add your daily regimen will refresh your appearance from the inside out to radiate a beautiful life of elegance.  Forever Chic!

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The Beauty Routine
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Exercise – Yoga
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A Healthy Diet
Exercise Pilates
Exercise Pilates

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