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When it comes to purchasing fashion I am a big proponent of focusing on a wardrobe of timeless essentials. In turn, I would never discourage adding items that offer a distinctive collectible quality.  This is the case with my discovery of the handcrafted shoe collection from Carrie Forbes.

Carrie a leader with originality expressed throughout her career in handbags and leather goods. Early business positions afforded her the opportunity to travel all over the world. The excursions to Turkey and Morocco led to the debut of the Carrie Forbes line of raffia footwear.  Through smart instincts, she revealed the rich craftsmanship of the local culture that she shares with her audience.

Today, the Style Server honors this talent accompanied by an assortment of summer frocks from Moda Operandi.  The complete Carrie Forbes assortment can be viewed here, with additional details about the chic collectibles and their distinctive time-honored weave.

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