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Over the weekend, I reviewed the May issue of the WSJ Magazine, finding an article about Interior Designer, Billy Cotton.  Inspired by his will to persevere from a devastating house fire that turned his life upside down. Following his intuition and passionate interests, he can now answer to the title, Creative Director for his namesake. The design firm is based in Brooklyn and includes an exclusive line of original home goods.

Smitten for his work, I want to share the Manhattan penthouse from the 2016 New York Times, T Magazine.  The images demonstrate his good use of color and exclusive fabrics. Gifted with an insightful ability to blend genres adds a beautiful balance to the historic Emery Roth building.  

A new admirer of his talents and elegant esthetic, in addition to being energized from his great attitude, smart instincts, and eye for focusing on the right details.

Forever Chic!


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