The Fairy Godfather of Footwear Manolo Blahnik

The Fairy Godfather of Footwear Manolo Blahnik

I will be the first to admit the color, style, and quality of your shoes will make an outfit memorable and  could not think of a more notable craftsman to represent this philosophy than the fairy godfather of footwear Manolo Blahnik.  The artist and his work are always a topic of conversation labeled a status symbol that represents a rich elegance.  A devoted admirer of the brand and currently lusting the Aspro Slingback and Maysale Mule I found the entire spring/summer collection intriguing.  The group is composed of polished versions of the contemporary trends in addition to time-honored classics that come in a variety of heel heights as a welcomed surprise from the traditional BB stiletto.  Everyone dreams of owning a pair of Manolo’s a timeless and intelligent investment complete with a sparkle of confidence from the fairy godfather of footwear.

Forever Chic!

Forever Chic by MEG

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