Fashion Wardrobe Update

Loyal Luxury


Loyal luxury is my definition of runway visionaries and their contemporary classics. These are the designers who elevate appearance with glamour and ease. With Autumn on the horizon, it is time to shred the sweats and figure out a flexible dress-code. To offer inspiration the Wardrobe Update series will showcase the brands that are current, cool, and chic.

To start, I selected the Nili Lotan. One of the first designers to offer leading-edge practices to shop safely during a time of COVID. A master of modernity with a strong appreciation of the past, The Style Server includes her sought-after essentials. The Cara gown paired with the Henry Jacket or downplayed with a Boyfriend sweater. Both traditional and creative suiting ideas that are simple, sophisticated, and Zoom ready.

The label promotes quality for homey fashion or a social distance soiree. A smart investment for a self-confident timeless spirit who wants to be ready for spontaneous surprises.

Forever Chic!


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