At Home With Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren announced last week he would be stepping down as the CEO of his empire so I thought this would be a perfect moment to highlight his well-lived life.  The iconic Ralph Lauren brand  that has graced the world with men, women and children’s clothing lines in addition to a home collection that offers us the all the resources to create the designer’s vision of a chic all-American lifestyle.  The designer label is one of my personal favorites as the merchandise selections in all categories are eternal classics with a modern downtown edge.

I was successful in finding two former editorials one in Architectural Digest and the other in Elle Decor offering a selection of photo’s of the Lauren family’s private homes that are located in Bedford, Jamaica, Colorado, Manhattan, and Montauk.  I have selected a variety of the images that embrace the significance of the local surroundings to convey the originality and individual style of life for the distinct locations.  The common ingredient is his ability to capture the time-honored appearance that has made Ralph Lauren a living legend.  Forever Chic!

Bedford – library
Jamaica – Living Room
Jamaica – Bedroom
Colorado –  Guest House Living Room
Colorado – Saloon Porch
Manhattan – Living Room
Manhattan – Dining Room
Montauk – Living Room

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