Sunshine Daydream

Sunshine Daydream

As the winter blues set in most of us dream about the warmth of a sun-filled paradise.  Travel might not be in the cards so finding creative outlets will have to serve as a mood-lifting influence. Last month I was taken by the stunning sophistication of Elle Macpherson’s new Floridian oasis in Architectural Digest.

The well-known Australian born supermodel spent most of her adulthood in London raising her children in a lavish and energetic world.  Recently the family relocated to the sunny isles of Florida to recreate this standard of living in a brand-new way.  To assist on this domestic adventure Elle solicited the design firm Sawyer/Berson.

The unexpended purchase of the Normandy style edifice was a perfect fit for Elle and her boys to continue to evolve personally and professionally. The house was an excellent choice to showcase the family’s history in a new grown-up setting. The spacious floorplan serves her notable art collection well. The outstanding talents of the 20th and 21st centuries lead the way of offering a simplistic yet stylish aura throughout the residence.  In addition, the outdoor tropical splendor composed of lemon, orange, and oak trees magnifies Elles’s present-day career as a wellness guru.

All in all, the story is an inspiring vision to begin the ’20s.  A renewed start that promotes a healthy style of life guided by a mindset filled with a sunny spirit.

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