Greatness is Everywhere

This year’s holiday season seems to have come to life in true New York style.  The streets were filled with the exuberance that shows off Manhattan’s awesome celebratory customs.

As always the main event is the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree. The hometown crowd and tourists alike flocked to 49th Street to experience the magic of the season.  To follow suit the Saks Fifth Avenue light show offers an inspiring state-of-the-art entertainment.  The store’s traditional window stroll shares the Disney adventure of Frozen ll and the remarkable gifts of Elsa, Anna, Olaf, and Kristof.

As a Saks employee and a girl who grew as a client, I truly appreciate the brilliance of Christmas in the city.  This year I was thrilled to see and hear from friends and family who continue to experience this treasured tradition. Saks has mastered the respect of its heritage while adhering to modern-day living. This know-how captures a diverse audience who appreciates the fable, fashion, and fun.

The celebration continues as we move into phase two of the party season. There is still time to explore the festive fascination and create the memories that matter most. Come and experience Greatness is Everywhere. A mindset we should adopt in everything we do. Learn to take on a fearless spirit. The kind that lights up the world cherishing the past while creating a promising future.

Forever Chic!


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