The Update

The Capsule Wardrobe


The Update will follow suit with the 2017 version Be The Best Version of You and The Wardrobe Room Refresh. Both focused on building and maintaining a capsule wardrobe.  The process of filling your world with fewer better things adds meaning and simplifies life. A way of life that will ultimately save money, increase self-confidence, and deepen your over-all happiness.

To get started with building a capsule wardrobe I broke down the task into three steps; cleanse personal style and clothing guidelines.  To begin the cleanse I recommend establishing four piles labeled keep, store, toss, and donate.   In the next phase of step one, physically go through each item to evaluate its significance based on longevity, quality, and fit. How much you wear and enjoy the garment is important too.  At this point, I suggest soliciting assistance from a professional stylist or someone who understands your fashion sense to offer an unbiased opinion.

The last stage is the clothing guidelines. This includes how many and what type of pieces to encompass in the wardrobe.  Keep in mind, you need a capsule for all four seasons, and footwear, accessories, and outerwear need their own rules.  I posted a similar narrative in 2015 based on Parisian Chic by Ines de la Fressange, a great reference to use when creating your outline.  

I designed The Update with quality staples for additional inspiration to begin to build a timeless foundation of garments, shoes, and accessories to reinvent your personal style with effortless confidence.

Forever Chic!

The Black Dress
The _Capsule_Wardrobe_1
The White Button Down
Great Fitting Jeans
The Sweater
The Pencil Skirt
The T-Shirt
The Pant Suit
The Blazer

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