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Prettify: Simone Rocha Spring 2018

Simone Rocha Spring RTW 2018

The Visionaire

This year has been all about celebrating the strengths of the female.  As a man has inherited the adjective of being handsome, a woman has earned the praise of looking beautiful.  Simone Rocha and her sophisticated and playful creations represent the woman’s woman who likes the power to prettify.

Wardrobe Update

The new assortment of figurine inspired femininity can be mixed, matched, and layered to transition into the warm weather seasons.  To appease her ageless eclectic audience the ladylike garb can be styled with every type of footwear from a rugged boot, hipster slide, or a delicate kitten-heel.

The Style Server

This week The Style Server is honoring this concept by showcasing Simone’s 2018 Spring collection.

Forever Chic!

Simone Rocha Spring RTW 2018
Simone Rocha Spring RTW 2018
Simone Rocha Spring RTW 2018



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